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HIIT Workout For Pregnant Mamas

DID YOU KNOW... "Babies born to active mothers can have brain responses of a six to eight-month-old" -University Montreal

Let's be sure to take this into consideration!!!!

Thanks to rockstar mama and Pilates guru #EricaZiel creator of Knocked Up Fitness and the Core Rehab Program. To purchase her amazing program click HERE.

When I was pregnant with Kai, my first born, I had the pleasure of doing small private lessons with Erica on the reformer machine each week. This helped my body prep for giving birth and helped me open up my hips and relieve so much pressure! Check her out at!

The importance of keeping a steady workout lifestyle is key! It really plays a huge roll in your overall well being, along with having a healthy MINDSET.

I've always loved staying active and fit- from sports growing up like competitive dance, gymnastics, cheer, club soccer, and volleyball to intermixing various workouts into my life such as personal and group boxing training, reformer pilates, barre, spin, yoga, and name a few!

With preparing your body for pregnancy in mind, it almost acts as an incentive because the more fit I am WHEN I get knocked up, ; ) the more healthy the baby will be and an easier delivery I will have. Praise God for that! Not to mention, I have WAY more energy and eat better when I stay consistent with my workouts.

Some days, I miss my H.I.T. (hight intensity interval training) class at my Crossfit gym but no worries! Who needs a gym when you can easily do these fun exercises at home!

So get your heart rate going, chicas, and have a blast with this high intensity workout!


1. SINGLE-LEG TRICEP DIP: 15 REPS -Secure palms -lower booty to the ground (do not shrug your shoulders because it can add too much pressure to your shoulder joints) -inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up

2. SQUAT "BOX (BENCH) JUMP": 10 REPS Get that booty, girl! Targets: glutes, quads, and hamstrings (when executed correctly) -Land softly and pup up thru the hip -Keep chest up Modification: step up one leg at a time

3. SINGLE-LEG RAISED PUSH UP: 10 REPS *for a more challenging workout, instead of using the wall, a chair, or a bench, do this movement flat on the ground. Targets: shoulder, chest, and core (when executed correctly) - keep hands underneath your shoulders - Engage your core (navel in) -squeeze your glutes before lowing down (will protect your lower back) -inhale down, exhale on the way up

4. SEATED KICKOUTS: 15 REPS -Sit back slightly -Secure palms -Flat back -Engage your core (navel in) -Draw knees to chest and push out *Keep legs up (otherwise your hip flexors will be doing the work)

5. SEATED V-HOLD:5 SECOND HOLD *(increase your time each set by 5 seconds) -Engage your core A LITTLE TRICK*** envision a string attached to your belly button pulling back to your spine, and there you have it! (a little tip back from my ballet days!)

6. SKATER LUNGE (JUMP): 8 REPS EACH SIDE -once again, ENGAGE YOUR CORE : ) -If you feel pain in your knees, STOP, and modify by doing a few reps of squats (my favorite our sumo squats!)

7. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS- 30 REPS -Squeeze glutes and core -Bring knees to chest -Keep arms straight


9. PUSH UP POSITION PLANK HOLD: 10 SECOND HOLD *(increase your time each set by 5 second) -Make this as easy or as difficult as you like by your holding in a plank position on the ground or by straightening your arms -Add a single-leg raise -Don't forget to BREATHE! : )

*REST FOR ONE MINUTE* *Another option is to do jumping jacks, jump rope, high knees, more mountain climbers, to name a few.... in between your sets.


And if you are an overachiever or want to build that booty (like I do!) finish your circuit with some fun squats or lunges and FEEL THE BURRRRN. ; )

So there you have it! Now...go get sweaty, babes!

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