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ways to GIVE

Kerus Global

Courageously imprinting the nations with character-based life skills education, HIV/AIDS prevention and leadership development, while engaging South Africa where we care for the orphan, rescue the vulnerable, and reach the broken.




It Takes Courage! is a multi-tiered educational strategy designed to permeate a community with life saving messages which will reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and increase the initiation of positive health behaviors. 

Orphan Care 

The primary goal of  the orphan care strategy is to inspire and equip the local church and schools to be a beacon for compassionate care for those in great need and a trumpet for courageous actions that will stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Child Trafficking

Kerus is particiularly passionate about preventing the abuse of children.  Kerus offers life skill training for youth that will help them identify an abuser (In ITC! we call them hyenas) and to get the help of trusted adults before they are harmed.


Kerus is committed to a life of integrity through personal and organizational accountability in lifestyle, relationships, finances, and more. They aim to promote character & life skills development through their core training.

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