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Mama Bird Box: My Favorite Pregnancy Subscription Box

Hey mamas! For those of you who are new to Mama Bird Box I'll fill you in! Mama Bird Box was founded by two rockstar mamas, who just so happen to be sisters, are passionate about pampering other mamas during their adventure of pregnancy. Once you subscribe, Mama Bird Box sends you this little box right here filled with gifts specifically pertaining to your pregnancy journey based on your due date.

​Each month the box contains 4-6 special gifts. I was blessed to receive the following:

1. Pregnancy Journal- which will hold me accountable and help me to sit down and write my thoughts throughout this journey. It also includes helpful graphs and checklists for doctor appointments, choosing a pediatrician, and more!

2. Hyperprobiotics Pro-Mom- which EVERY mama needs and should be taking for good gut bacteria! (This is especially important with vaginal births as your gut bacteria- good and bad- exit with the baby during delivery. Crazy right?!

3. Nutrimom Lemon Ginger Bar- although I no longer have morning sickness, it was a great little treat!

4. Hydra Headache Shower Burst - I used immediately and thoroughly enjoyed my shower. : )

5. Gallery 360 Card/Photo Holder- What a thoughtful/random gift! This pretty little gold card/photo insert holder came with a beautiful quote to bring some sunshine to your day. I will be using this for other photos which will most likely end up in our master bathroom!

If you're hesitant about all the hype you hear about various subscription boxes, they are probably true.

The hype is probably mostly all "good hype", and in this case, Mama Bird Box delivers such well thought out gifts that you may not take the time to go buy for yourself. Furthermore, because pregnancy has its ups and downs, receiving your monthly subscription of goodies is just one way to look forward to a surprise (excuse) to pamper yourself! And yes, all mamas should be pampered.

There is such a personal touch involved with all that goes into these boxes, that I almost feel like it was a gift from a dear friend that simply wanted to bless me and tell me, "You've put in some hard work and are caring for a little one, so please, take a moment and enjoy something yourself." As silly as it may sound, it really does brighten your day!

With all that said, I'm FOR Mama Bird Box and highly recommend giving it a try. Once your pregnancy is over, no more boxes, so don't worry about being bombarded with things you don't want or need. I've never subscribed to any other monthly box but am stoked on this one!

Whether you're a soon-to-be mama bird or not, your time will come! I am here for you and love to engage with you!

I pray for God's best over you and your family and are excited to continue this crazy adventure with you called womanhood and mamahood!

Let laughter, joy, and peace reign over you!

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